The Tower is ideal for larger groups. It allows you to sleep with 15 teammates on one floor and easily switch multiple floors if needed. You have de luxury of your own room and you can retreat whenever you want. In addition, you can easily find your sports buddies because you all stay so close together. Not enough space in your room? There are plenty of chill-rooms to get together.

Room facilities


Al rooms have a single bed. The bed linen is included, but you may still make the bed yourself. Sleep well!


Each room at The Tower has a private shower and sink. The towels are provided for you in your room.


You will share the restrooms at The Tower with other athletes. There is a restroom on every floor. So you don’t have to go far!


The Tower is the highest point of the Watersley Sports & Talentpark, which is located on a hill. This gives a beautiful view of the forest. All rooms have balconies and give direct access to nature.


A full energetic breakfast is served every morning in the first floor bar. Need extra energy? Than can you also choose Jumbo-Visma breakfast. Don’t forget to book the breakfast with your room!


Each floor has its own coffee corner. There you can not only tap into the energy you need, but also have the opportunity to buy convenient care products.

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